Why an other show ?

In Europe there are just a few opportunities to buy and sell designs at a platform where designers and clients meet. Most important is Heimtextil in January. After that there a a few shows, but at each show there are just a few design studios participating and often at cities that are logistically hard to reach. With Evolution we try to fill up the gab there is between Heimtextil and Mood-Indigo in Brussels. To reach Evolution has never been easier. To develop a product from designs bought is September, and present the product at Heimtextil, appears a hell of a job. Buy your designs in June and there is plenty of time until Heimtextil next year.

Balance in studios.

As organizer we will see to it that we have a nice balance in the kind of studios that participate at our show. Besides the fact that we aim for an international audience,  we also want to keep a nice balance in the kind of designs that are offered. Textile, Stationery, Wallpaper, Bedding, all directions will be equally present at the show.

New and established.

Besides the balance in directions, we also will keep a close look to make sure there is plenty of  “new blood” among the studios. Customers want to be triggered. It is good to know what to expect, nevertheless; surprises may make your day complete.