CREETEX at Evolution-Amsterdam

Located in Lyon (France), Creetex is specialized in ancient textile documents and archives from France.

Our archives count several thousands of pieces coming as original hand-paintings, as fabrics such as Jacquard, prints or embroideries, as wallpapers or point papers. They are of all styles and are used as a source of inspiration and a ground of interpretation for the most renown designers in the home furnishing industry.

Our collection showcases some original paintings and documents from some famous old design studios of the 19th and early 20th century such as Arthur Martin, Ruepp, Myeg, Essef, Tetrel, Max Forrer, Garcin, Zipelius. It also includes some old fabrics from prestigious old manufacturers such as Lemanach, Hamot, Cornille & Frères…

Our documents respond to a wide range of customers such as fabric editors, printers on fabric, wallpaper manufacturers, collectors, weavers, decorators, interior designers, wrapping paper manufacturers, design studios as well as museums.