Nail biting for the September Show.

At this moment it is hard to tell weather the show for September can be executed or not.

As situations develop and regulations change every week, at this point it is still hard to predict if our show can be executed. Nevertheless we are slightly positive. As all organizers of events, we must keep on doing what we do, which is preparing for the next how.
There is absolutely the possibility that we have to cancel the September show, due to the Corona Virus. Nevertheless in The Netherlands we see at this moment slight improvements in the situation as businesses and schools are opening up step by step and we still have 3 months to go. We are focusing on scenarios where, with the right safety measures and ground plan modifications, there might be a chance that we are allowed to execute the show. All studios are desperate to find a way to sell their designs and hopefully we can offer you this opportunity in September.
We are aware that your participation is not only depending on regulations in The Netherlands. Most of you come from abroad which makes is even more complex as every government has it’s own policy regarding the advise and/or possibility to travel. In this respect the Airlines are also a factor in this issue.

In the first week of July we will take the final decision to execute the show, or to cancel it, all depending on governments regulations. If we can execute we will, with respecting all safety regulations. As we speak we are working out plans with the venue holder, how to organize things in order to guarantee the safety of all parties, exhibitors as well as visitors. We are working hard. If we are forced  to cancel the show, we will set a new date for September 2021 immediately.

Chris Verbeek