Studio van Der Renne is back

“We welcome back from The Netherlands Studio van Der Renne to Evolution.Amsterdam in September 2020.Showcasing a brand new and refreshed collection,not to be missed!”

See the new Color Concept from Astrid Davidse.

Come and see us at Evolution Amsterdam on 2-4 September 2020. Get our Latest Trend Colors & Surface designs for Home Products and Textiles. NEW Color Concept by Astrid Davidse AW21/22 now available at EVOLUTION. New Collection Surface Designs, available in your favorite season coloring.


Bianca van der Linde is the driving force behind Dutch design studio “Montuthu”. As a newcomer in the business Bianca specializes in textile prints. She has a fine collection of textile prints; colorful and happy. Se her 2-4 September at Evolution-Amsterdam.

Claudia Pieper present at Evolution

Also Claudia Pieper will be present at Evolution-Amsterdam on 2-4 September. And not for the first time. Claudia Pieper design is based in Germany and carries a portfolio suitable for different textile purposes. Just visit her and be dazzled by her collections.

Arthouse design

Arthouse will be present at Evolution the September edition

Art House Design has been active in licensing designs for greeting cards, gift items, puzzles, paper bags, wrapping paper and textile since 1991.

We work with a group of designers from Italy, UK, Germany, Colombia, Brazil and the Netherlands and we are particularly strong in traditional Christmas designs.

We have a library of about 20.000 designs to select from but we also do commission work. Please check our webpage;



EDINA VARGA is a contemporary fashion and textile surface designer from Budapest, Hungary. She is based in Berlin since 2013. Art has always been a part of her life. From a young age on she spent her days and nights drawing. This artistic striving led her to a professional path in the design industry. Studies of applied arts and textile design in Hungary were followed by a M.A. degree in fashion design at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences in 2017.

Evolution logo


This week we got the green light from the Dutch government to execute the September edition of EVOLUTION-AMSTERDAM 2020.
The well-being of everyone involved is of great importance to us. Therefore, our top priority is ensuring the safety and health of all exhibitors, visitors, service partners and staff. We will do everything in our power to organize an event according to all safety protocols.
We absolutely hope to welcome you in person. Let this be the beginning of a new start in our creative world.

Elka Studio Design

Elka Studio Design misses Evolution.

Evolution we miss you ! 
This new fair is our favorite one … When you arrive to Amsterdam, you immediately feel this creative spirit, September is the perfect timing for our customers and the venue is full of good vibes thanks to Chris and his team.
Let’s start 2020 again with Evolution,  new collections, new designs, we are impatient ! 
See You Nana.

Diane Harrison looks forward to see you at Evolution-Amsterdam.

In these uncertain times we wish you the best of luck with producing this year’s Evolution in September.
We really missed Evolution in May but we are confident that if anyone can pull-off a show in September it will be Chris and his team. The September show will be the perfect time to relaunch our business and Amsterdam is the perfect venue to make the creative and positive atmosphere we all need. As we all know, September is the perfect time for our customers to source designs for their new collections and we are confident that you will stage the perfect professional and fun show that benefits our customers and everyone.

Best wishes and stay safe, Diane and team.

Nail biting for the September Show.

At this moment it is hard to tell weather the show for September can be executed or not.

As situations develop and regulations change every week, at this point it is still hard to predict if our show can be executed. Nevertheless we are slightly positive. As all organizers of events, we must keep on doing what we do, which is preparing for the next how.
There is absolutely the possibility that we have to cancel the September show, due to the Corona Virus. Nevertheless in The Netherlands we see at this moment slight improvements in the situation as businesses and schools are opening up step by step and we still have 3 months to go. We are focusing on scenarios where, with the right safety measures and ground plan modifications, there might be a chance that we are allowed to execute the show. All studios are desperate to find a way to sell their designs and hopefully we can offer you this opportunity in September.
We are aware that your participation is not only depending on regulations in The Netherlands. Most of you come from abroad which makes is even more complex as every government has it’s own policy regarding the advise and/or possibility to travel. In this respect the Airlines are also a factor in this issue.

In the first week of July we will take the final decision to execute the show, or to cancel it, all depending on governments regulations. If we can execute we will, with respecting all safety regulations. As we speak we are working out plans with the venue holder, how to organize things in order to guarantee the safety of all parties, exhibitors as well as visitors. We are working hard. If we are forced  to cancel the show, we will set a new date for September 2021 immediately.

Chris Verbeek